The Aerotropolis

What is an Aerotropolis

As conceived by aerotropolis thought-leader, Dr. John Kasarda, an aerotropolis is an urban subregion whose infrastructure, land-use, and economy are centered on an airport. The aerotropolis consists of a multimodal, multifunctional airport city at its core and extended corridors and clusters of aviation-linked businesses and their associated residential developments.

Aerotropolis Schematic Aerotropolis Schematic

Getting the Aerotropolis Right

Remarkable economic ventures can be generated for airports, cities, metropolitan regions and nations through the proper planning, and implementation of the airport city and aerotropolis model. Positive outcomes require extensive experience and indepth knowledge of the model and its critical success and actors. Aerotropolis Business Concepts, headed by Dr. John Kasarda, is a global leader in this regard.

Vision to Action

Aerotropolis Business Concepts works with airports, surrounding governments, and other stakeholders to help guide actual development. Through its own experience and global networks and by bringing its corporate design-build partners to projects, Aerotropolis Business Concepts can facilitate transforming airport city and aerotropolis visions into tangible actions. Such actions may involve infrastructure financing, and development attracting business investors, construction management, and program management, including marketing and branding.

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